Israel!! Week 1

My DTS time

We got here! It was all reasonably smooth, apart from eduardos luggage being rigorously checked, and a few scary questions in Israel. We arrived on Sunday at about 2ish and then got a train and a bus to “the baptist village” where we are staying.  We then unpacked a bit and watched some baseball which was going on outside. In the morning we left on a big coach to go and pick up another group from the ywam next wave ship. Then we were off! Taught by mark smith an archeologist and professor, we went to Caesarea and saw a port, hippodrome, palace of Pontius pilot ( with swimming pool), where Paul was tried, crusader stronghold, and a huge aqueduct down to the sea. We then went to Megiddo, a fortified city of solomon (debatable), where we saw the gate and a possible stable, and a deep deep hole we went…

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